ISO Bahrain Consultancy is one of the largest management consulting organizations with clients across the globe. We specialize in the entire range of ISO certification and ISO consulting services to provide world class, time bound and result oriented ISO implementation and ISO training for government, private and multinational companies in GCC.


Our clients are associated with top government and private organizations of carious size and nature across all the industry verticals throughout the world.

We have been Partnering organizations across the world for their standardization and process improvement indicatives and guarantee 100% successful completion of the iso certification projects with highest levels of consulting standards, proven standards, proven consulting and implementation methodologies and timely project completion.

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With us, you just don’t get an ISO certificate but get a fully developed, implemented, matured, and result oriented management system in various fields like quality, environment, health-safety, food safety, information security, IT service management, Laboratory quality management system etc.

  • 01The largest ISO consultant with global experience
  • 02Professional project execution
  • 03100% timely completion.
  • 04Domain Experts with specific industry experience.
  • 05Unlimited access to our knowledgebase and expert guidance.
  • 06Development of easy to implement and maintain system.


ISO Training, Consultancy & Certification


ISO 9001:2015 revised in September 2015 is an international and most
recognized standard that gives requirements for an organization’s Quality Management System (“QMS”).

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ISO-20000 FSMS

Food Safety is related to the presence of food borne hazards in food at the point of consumption. Food reaches to consumers via supply chains that may link different types of organizations. One weak link can result in unsafe food that is dangerous to health.

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The ISO 14001:2015 serves as the very foundation for accrediting the fact that an organization is taking care of its environmental responsibilities properly and thoroughly. The standard is better referred to as an all-purpose standard for Environmental Management Systems, in that it is pertinent to all organizations that seek to achieve progress by allocating their resources in a much more effective manner.

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The OHSAS standards are the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment series. Particularly, the ISO 45001 standard enables organizations to regulate any risks that could be associated with overall health and safety. This standard serves as a framework for an organization as to how to lessen the occurrence of accidents and detect and regulate its health and safety risks.

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ISO 22301 is the international standard for Business Continuity Management (BCM). Published by the International Organization for Standardization, ISO 22301 is designed to help organizations prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from unexpected and disruptive incidents.

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ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (ISO 27001) is an international standard that helps organizations manage the security of their information assets. It provides a management framework for implementing an ISMS (information security management system) to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all corporate data

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ISO 28001 was developed to codify operations of security within the broader supply chain management system, and this standard sets out best practices for implementing supply chain security, assessments and plans.

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HACCP is an internationally accepted technique for preventing microbiological, chemical and physical contamination along the food supply chain. The HACCP technique does this by identifying the risks, establishing critical control points, setting critical limits, and ensuring control measures are validated, verified and monitored before implementation.

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We At ISO Bahrain

  • We believe that quality is the major and important matter of any company.
  • Quality is the first preference for any clients to take any service or product.
  • We have totally dedicated and committed teams for ISO Certification Dubai and Audit in UAE.
  • We pursue all the international quality guidelines while offering these most reliable services.
  • We are extremely treasured by our valuable clients for their quality
  • dependability and cost effectiveness.
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